Unlimited Bandwidth, Disk Space, Email Addresses

Bandwidth – When deciding which hosting company you’re going to choose you must take into consideration the amount of bandwidth your website is projected to need and often times this is an unknown amount for a new website. So what is bandwidth? How do I know how much bandwidth I’ll need? Even for the most seasoned and experience of webmasters this is an inherently difficult question to answer and often times it can be extremely overwhelming. First let’s answer our ‘what is bandwidth’ question. Bandwidth describes the amount or level of traffic and data that can be transferred between your site, users, and the Internet. Each hosting company will allot a specific amount of bandwidth which corresponds with their given hosting package. Often times this is a great indicator as to whether the hosting company you may be choosing has a substantial and reliable network, connection, and systems. Often times the more bandwidth a hosting company is willing to provide the better and faster these three factors become.

Disk Space – Disk space refers to the amount of data that can be stored on a web server. Once again this can be one of the hardest things to predict and anticipate for a new website and it can be an extremely difficult task for even the most seasoned of webmasters. Obviously, the amount of space that will be needed depends solely on the size of the website and if you have an idea as to what kind of a website you are going to build then you can determine accordingly as to how much disk space you may need for the size of your website. Generally speaking most websites are comprised of HTML (hypertext markup language), images, flash, or the combination of these elements. If you are primarily going to run a blog then you will naturally need very little disk space because HTML or text is very economical, whereas if you plan on building an extremely intensive image or flash based website you may need more disk space because these are more burdensome on the amount of disk space needed.

Email Addresses – Generally speaking, if you’ve made it this far then you probably know what an email address is. If you’re unclear as to what an email addresses I’ll break it down for you. This is what an email address will look like (example@gmail.com). The park before the @ symbol, in this case ‘example’ identifies the name of the mailbox and is often times referred to as the username of the recipient. The part after the @symbol ‘gamil.com’ is the domain name that represents the administrative realm of the mailbox. Often times website owners will look to see if a hosting package provides unlimited emails. This is because they need a professional way to communicate with their clients while also ensuring that everyone within their company has a personal yet professional email established.


Unlimited Add-On Domains

So what is an add-on domain? An add-on domain is a 100% fully functional website or domain that is created within a control panel or cPanel. You can think of this as having multiple hosting packages all being shared within the same cPanel. It allows you to create email addresses, subdomains, forwards, and much more the exact same way you would do so for your primary domain within that account. The only difference between having an individual account for each one of your websites or domains is the fact that all of these domains share their files within the same control panel and server. One of the most important things to remember when adding an add-on domain to your hosting account is to point the name servers to that domain. Your name servers are often times given to you via an email from your hosting company but they can also be found within your cPanel or through the use of using intoDNS.com.


Unlimited Parked Domains

Parked domains… Is this like parking a car? Unfortunately there really aren’t any good analogies in regards to parked domains and parking cars. Often times parked domains are used by businesses that would like to have more than one domain or web address that they can use for advertising purposes. Parked domains are domains that are hosted on an individual’s primary account which will display the exact same website as their primary domain. It will also share the primary domains web statistics. However you do have the ability to give the parked domains their own email boxes.

An example of a parked domain would be if you own (example1.org) and this is your primary domain within your cPanel, you then have the ability to set up (example2.org) as a parked domain that when opened will load the content from (example1.org). You will notice that when visit (example2.org) it will show the content for (example1.org) but it will display http://example2.org/ within the address bar.


Unlimited Support (Phone, Email, Support Ticket, etc.)

One of the biggest things you want to make sure of before purchasing hosting is to make sure that the hosting company allows Unlimited support. One thing that I personally make sure of before purchasing any hosting is to verify that that hosting company has a phone number that you can use to contact their support team. Often times it is much easier for you to contact their support team and talk to them over the phone because it makes it much easier for both parties to understand the situation and work out the problem. Depending on the situation you find yourself in it can be extremely difficult for you to translate what is happening to your hosting company through email or support tickets, this is one of the major reasons why I personally make sure the hosting companies I choose has phone support.

Generally speaking most hosting companies nowadays offer Unlimited support which more often than not is available 24/7. This means regardless of whether you’re an early bird or a midnight owl whenever you find yourself in trouble and in need of assistance you can simply pick up the phone and call your hosting company support team. Of course it is completely up to you whether or not you wish to pay attention to the support that is offered by the hosting company you choose but it is definitely something I always recommend and it is something that I take great consideration in because it’s better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.