When deciding whether or not to use a dedicated server one of the most important things to take into consideration is the cost of the plan, based on either a monthly or annual basis, and how much that is effected by the server hardware itself. The price of the actual server hardware that the company charges can be slightly skewed because often times these larger companies can get their hardware for extremely discounted rates because they are viewed as a bulk rate commodity and sold at wholesale pricing from major distributors. Because the individuals purchasing the dedicated servers are responsible for the configuration and the remote systems administration of the server computers personally, they are primarily purchasing the hardware largely due in part to the data center facilities in which it is surrounded. With this being said it makes the quality of the hosting company’s data center operations, including the fiber optic cabling in both the LAN (local area network) and the WAN (wide area network) infrastructure, just as important as the hardware itself when determining whether or not you are going to begin a long term hosting plan with a given web hosting company.

When assessing and evaluating between web hosting companies that offer dedicated servers there are many things that need to be taken into consideration and used as a check list to decide between the various companies that offer these services online. Some of the biggest things that need to be evaluated are:

  • CPU Performance
  • Storage Solutions (Solid-State Drives (SSD) vs. HDD ATAT, SATA/SCSI, IED & RAID)
  • RAM memory (DDR3, DDR4, DDR4 ECC)
  • Operating Systems (Linux vs. Windows)
  • Server Extensions (WAMP/LAMP/LNMP Stack, Programming Languages & Databases)
  • Control Panels (Command Line Administration vs. Plesk, cPanel (WMP),Virtualmin)
  • Technical Support (24/7 Phone, Live Chat, etc.)
  • Extras (Free Offers, Bonuses, Perks, Bundles)

All of these elements should be taken into consideration before signing onto a dedicated web hosting plan and you should also make sure to read the fine print associated to the plan as well as the fine print on the web hosting company’s website in order to determine the specifications of the given plan. By ensuring that you pay close attention and understanding the fine print as well as paying close attention to whether or not these features are provided and their specifications associated with the dedicated hosting plan in question, a much more efficient price analysis can be achieved weighing the cost of the plan to the actual value received. This can help you determine which web hosting company you should go with and which plan you should choose for your specific needs.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a long-term dedicated server web hosting plan some of the most important factors to consider include the server architecture and that data center itself. In regards to the data center it should have a tier 1 Internet connection and should offer the most up to date and latest server hardware at a competitive price in comparison to other companies in the industry. Any IT departments or individual website owners that are making their purchasing decisions due to high traffic applications will often times have custom requirements that need to be confirmed prior to purchase by the web development team. It is imperative that you have an experienced systems administrator who can both easily and effectively manage a dedicated server because they will need the know-how of how to properly install the operating system and server extension configuration, but they are also needed for the everyday security maintenance of the environment. It is my personal opinion that website owners looking for a dedicated server plan should avoid any special promotions that at first catch the eye but then lock an individual into unfavorable terms, and instead they should search for the most up to date server hardware that will offer elite server performance at the lowest price.