A Little Bit About Me

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had an intense fascination with computers. Throughout high school the majority of the classes I took involved computers including robotics, engineering, architecture, and basic computer skills. So to say I’m well versed in everything computers is somewhat of an understatement. In 2010 immediately after graduating high school I decided to join the United States Army as an artilleryman. Needless to say for the most part you don’t need to be particularly intelligent to be an artilleryman but you do need to have nerves of steel as well as being a team player. The reason why you need nerves of steel is largely due in part to the constant explosions that occur during fire missions and the massive pieces of steel moving through the air that could easily do irreparable damage to the human body. You also need to be a team player because it takes a crew of at least four to run a small howitzer and a crew of at least five to run one of the larger howitzers. Everyone has their own specific jobs and you must also have the ability to do the job of the man directly above you and directly below you. During this time in my life I learned a lot because I was the youngest man in the entire battalion with the majority of the people I worked hand-in-hand with being in their late 20s or early 30s. This time in my life was extremely fundamental in shaping who I am today.

But, just because I was in the Army didn’t mean I lost my love for computers. During this time I made a few very close friends who were also in the computers just as much, if not more than I was. These were some of the first individuals who introduced me into monetizing the Internet. Meaning, they taught me how to make an income passively through the use of the Internet. To be completely honest it was somewhat difficult at times being in the military while also having multiple online businesses generating me a steady flow of money. The reason behind this is largely due in part to the extended amount of time we would be gone from our base. It was not uncommon for us to pack up all of our equipment and go out into the woods for training that could sometimes last between 15 and 30 days. During this time it taught me how to guarantee that my businesses could continue to run smoothly even with my extended amount of time absent.

In 2014 I was honorably discharged from the military after doing one deployment to Afghanistan. Shortly after being discharged I started up my first search engine optimization company which is where I first became extremely acquainted with countless web hosting companies. Also during this time I began my college career which of course I did online. By December 2016 I owned two extremely successful search engine optimization companies, countless online businesses, and had just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business. That just about brings us to current day but one more major thing happened between then and now and that is I joined back up to the United States Army but this time instead of active duty I chose to go reserve. Also instead of going back and being an artilleryman I decided to join the Army’s psychological operations instead. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen a lot of things and to have been to a lot of places for only being 25 years old and the people I’ve met throughout my entire journey have all had an impact on my life which has allowed me to become who I am today.

This is just a quick overview of who I am and I hope it’s helped you to get a clearer picture of the person behind this website. If for any reason you would like to contact me you can do so simply by filling out the contact form which can be found here.

Thanks again for visiting,

Dillion Sidelinker